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Sending thoughts & prayers to Ilene, sons & loved ones - a difficult time as they suffered a casualty in their unit. Wishing that Iraqui's and the Servicemen find themselves at home enjoying simple family life.

I haven't quite found the bumper sticker/button that expresses My distress about the war - yet support for the soldiers - yet I'd never join the military - yet sympathy for Iraquis - yet belief that both sides have wacko nutzos .. so I think I'll just stick with my simple minded plan

LJ Edit2 More pics from performance added Laruku performed Link at the Hagaren movie pre-opening celebration
mitsuchan Link single/DVD sent today

Renewing another year into dorkiness Seriously, could this be more pathetic or what?
Your renewal was successfully processed.
Plate Number: HYDEIST
Vehicle Year: 1993

^^;; Just in time to watch my actual Hydeist Membership expire *crosses fingers that I hear from the lovely Hazuki san soon*

I finally upgraded my home PC to a DSL line - but I still don't have Cable TV - No, no, you can't make me! I feel at wits end already for the tiny exposure to news that I do get, CNN 24/7 access would probably make me crazy.
& Perhaps it's a tell tale sign of my real simple minded nature - I thought I'd get some interesting news updates at antiwar ...but clicking thru commenter's journals (as I am prone to do) I found myself more fascinated with the chubby garden thief fatty brer_vole said it was OK to post here - ^-^ Thank you~!

& thanks to hkoneko for sitting thru my spazzy moment when I realized there is a cons objector comm called whitefeathers

yoinked from rotem

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