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This was a nice bit of refreshing news in an otherwise anxious time ~~

7 days - Shibuya - L'arc en ciel 6/28-7/6 ^_^ yay! I was really thinking the big 'hyped' announcement would be some type of promotional giveway with the best of cd's. . haha *silly me*.

I keep wondering when the war will start ..>.<.. The administration just seems so eager to go "It's my war and I'll bomb if I want to... " acckk

Every year there is a list that comes out of words that should be banned - due to overuse.. such as 24/7 , Y2k, disenfranchised.. etc I suggest
'weapons of mass destruction'

The weather is starting to get nicer - maybe some more sunny days will make me feel less tense-- I'm dreading work --as we get the info as to what jobs are being axed.
Limbo - I hate this feeling -- hope it passes soon
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