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Brunei - turn left after Leipzig

I went to the Post office during lunch to mail a Pati Pati magazine to
momoiro_chan when the Postal clerk asked me what Country the package was going to -
I told her Brunei (which was written on the package) & she sounded a bit surprised then continued.

I found that interesting - and truth be told, I had to google Brunei to tell exactly where it was. I need to research more about SE Asia - ^^;;

Also sent a CD Data to mitsuchan
more cramps means it is time for me to go to bed..

& the more I think about it & Listen to Awake, the more I want to promote Laruku as a tool for world peace.. I say there is hardly an Afghan rebel, Chechen Separatist or IRA Croney to withstand the power of a room of rabid 13 yr old fangirls XD

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