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>.o.< Give peas a chance

sedefendendo 's impression of the Link pv was just spot on "wooooooohoooooooooo, just cant we all get along..."

~*chu* to ashta_no_kaze for the picture I stole ^0^

I'll forgo my sad saga of cramps & heating pads... and just spam instead
>>..<< Time for the Hylenol I'm not quite sure how to explain my bizarre fascination for hunting for Laruku/Hyde pics.. it's sort of a hobby of pleasant distraction, or stress reduction..
I often felt rather silly for this habit until I came across a bumper sticker that said something about Beanie Babies making someone go into Chapter 11... So hey, it could be worse *smile*

I finally got a DSL line for my home PC **yay~** A coworker of Leigh's installed it for me, and he installed a new messenger (GAIM) There are new "alert" sounds on this messenger, and my dog SallyAnn always looks up at the computer when she hears it. I must get Sally her own laptop. ^=^

Hoping tomorrow is a painfree day - especially for
sedefendendo ilenebook peace2you aylengyr
Belated birthday wishes to hellocobweb & kanashimi2
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