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Pets for Peace

Thank you to everyone for their kind words about the loss of our Tasha yesterday.. She was a sassy, gorgeous & loveable Siberian & I'm so grateful to have had her in my life. Sally & King have been giving me a lot of TL Pooperdog support ^0^

My heart & prayers to everyone with friends & family in London.

I think that Bush & the Osama Bin-Laden wannabes are suffering from the same problem. Bush talks as God speaks to him, but I find it impossible to believe that Bush is hearing God correctly.. OK OK< I'm not at all up on the I have a Personal connection with MY saviour Jesus Christ bandwagon OK OK They pushed me OFF the wagon when I went to Baptist camp in Jr High & I said I couldn't believe all the kids in China weren't going to heaven because they weren't saved..but I digress
It's all so black & white with Bush.. I wish his thinking would become a bit more chromatic.
My Dad & I were speculating last night that Bush or Osama probably didn't have enough dogs in their life.

When people perform violence in the name of religion - it seems they have missed the whole point.. >.<

*waves my Laruku_fans_for_world_Peace* imaginary banner...
That's all I can do really.. Choose to love, choose to speak and think in a loving way -
or I've become a victim too.

FM Aichi pics from Vivid bbs *chu*

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