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はいどさん。。何時も 虹を見えるの [Mar. 13th, 2003|10:29 pm]

^-^ ufuf This is a bit of narcissistic fun http://www.googlism.com

helayne is unable to find a solution to the problem at hand
helayne is stupid
helayne is gonna send me some more laruku cds
helayne is correct

answer #2 & 4 seem to cancel each other out

Yesterday at work they handed out the information for buy out packages - We will not learn about what positions will be 'eliminated' until .. 3/21 or so. ^^;; It's a bit stressful as nobody is saying anything specific- such as how many people will be layed off,etc. My Supervisor keeps hinting at us that we don't need to worry about losing a job - - but who knows?

^-^ Congrats to Priss & your band for your Fast Eddy's gig.. I'm glad to hear things went well..

=^..^= My dogs give Katie big doggie kisses for her hard work at the animal shelter.. (try to not let all the morons out there drive you crazy.. "oh, I bought new carpet and my cat is shedding - please put her to sleep " - honest to goodness, we heard that kind of stuff all the time.. but the ones are the people that refuse get their dogs fixed and .. wait, I'll just rant .. >.>

Blufish - .. I think you will find this site really interesting (I especially like the "we are pacifists" disclaimer at the top: