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couch potato..

ho hum ~~ I felt like I didn't do too much this weekend except be sleepy *yawn*. I did sleep an awful lot, but I'm still tired. I think it's the antihistimine-- go figure, it seems that the worse my sinuses are, the more antihistimine makes me sleepy.. Sometimes, they never make me tired-- ahh but I did manage to .. *thinks deeply* Oh yes, I cooked, does that count? ^.~

For years I've been hoping to organize my kitchen. Leigh always said he would design the cabinets for me so things were easy to find. Be still my beating heart!! Leigh *hugs* installed part of the cool cabinet drawers he designed. They are beautiful, they pull out and you can easily see everything on the shelf. Kyaaa just think, some day my kitchen could actually be organized!oh my scary thought.

Speaking of scary thoughts~ .. ~ It's hard to avoid all the frenzied war talk, isn't it? Let's send Bush & Saddam on a Holiday to N Korea - maybe they can both take out Kim Jong Il - imo - he's the one everyone should be afraid of, because he's just freakin crazy.

Official larc en ciel site renewal and Big news?? on 3/17
Yay! Big news on a collective Laruku official site ..!! Type in password (which appears to be, rainbow, indigo, or the 4 primary colors.. all work) to see announcement.

dorky Laruku fan toddles off to bed
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