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on again off again power

Sally & King pics taken before the power was lost yesterday

Neighbor called to say the power went off again - and probably won't be fixed til evening. Oy oy
Tried to go to the fruit market Saturday... Power Outage, so no produce for me. Considering our power situation, maybe having an empty icebox is a good thing.


^-^ Thanks to violetcloud- who I've stolen these from...

Awww perk up Hyde-san.. ! I'm still over the moon that Awake CD has touches of Hyde's mellow Tierra era voice on it..........lalalalla Lucky for you that I can't go on some self indulgent babble about how much I Like the CD Awake - as our Stereo at home stopped working, my Car CD Player stopped working & the power went out after I went to listen on PC XD

Prayers out to anyone finding themselves stuck in the heat - Keep cool~ Raises a glass of iced ginger tea

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