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ozone layer

Drifts off into happy sleepy lalalaala land (OK I'll have to wait for work to end, but all week I've been one big sleepyhead

It's been incredibly hot & humid for June - I don't know if they have Ozone action days where you live, but here people are supposed to not do things like water their lawn, or fill up the car with gas.. etc. It's definitely harder to breathe on these days. *cough gasp* I wonder how much the doggies can sense it?

Oricon Laruku page
The kind & talented Mizuno cleaned this scan up - Sankyuuu!

Yes, I am that big of a dork as I am eagerly awaiting pictures to surface of the presence (or lack of) Hyde's Mohawk Hairdo..

*~* Yay... Cats board is back... Waves to Thai fans..
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