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hides my head....

I feel like a bit of a poopyhead~~ Chiye was so sweet to ask if I wanted to be on the A-kon staff ~~ and I was looking forward to seeing everyone again. However, it was soon after I agreed that I learned I might be jobless-- and the more I thought about it, the more I would feel too guilty to spend more money to go to another con. I'm sure I wouldn't hesitate if Katsucon hadn't had the unexpected expenses due to the snow. *sigh* I wrote Dan from A-kon to say I wouldn't be going.

I'm the only one in the department today ~~ my coworkers stayed home because of snow. There wasn't very much snow where I live - just a few inches. I did have an unexpected surprise - I went home at lunch to let the dogs out, and Kyaa! Chizuho had sent me the #34 Le Ciel issue. After she signed me up for Le Ciel, I really didn't know whether or not she would send me the magazines or not - I know it's a hassle.
Yesterday, my friend Celine (she's in France) sent me a copy of s.o.a.p.'s "Grace" cd. (haha YES Priss, I DO know every Laruku fan on the planet! Joudan! XD) I love Ken's guitar playing & song writing skills, but all the mirrors shatter in my house when he starts to sing. Well, on the bright side, it's not a video, so I don't have to watch him dance..

*guiltily scampers off*
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