August 25th, 2013


Time to say good-bye

2013 has been a year filled with good-byes....         

My Mother-in-law Betty passed away in February -  My Father-in-Law Harry passed away on Aug 9th
They were married for 63 years -  They were always busy restoring furniture & my sister in law found this article
which shows some of their fine work

The last time I saw Harry was 2 weeks before he passed -  it was a nice visit~ thanks to my friend Diane & her therapy dog Annie
Helaynes iphone Aug 6 2013 185

Harry received a Veteran's Funeral with a lovely view -  the day was just beautiful


We also said a sad goodbye to our dog Sally - she was 14 & put up a strong fight against cancer -

Helayne's iphone  11 11 12 007
She had a quick burst of energy on her last day barking at neighbor dogs