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must not look at ebay auction

My email box keeps getting spammed... oh wait, it's Le ciel~ Next P'Unked record "Promised Land"
On sale 7/20
1. Link
2. Promised land 2005
3. Link (hydeless version)
4. Promised land 2005 (TETSU P'UNK vocalless version)
5. Promised land 2005 (TETSU P'UNKless version)

Hyde wrote music for the Love for Nana movie - & Nakashima Mika will sing the tune (Yay! I quite like her voice) Lyrics by Nana author Thanks to Perdita for the link

I was bothering furu with a question & she showed me some evil ebay auctions.. No! no!

but sadly, I jokingly made a reference to Rene Simard (I used to watch his show on TV) & she showed me this heartbreaking info...which I hadn't known about

The exploitation of children is just so destructive in the long run.. a sad evil cycle that goes on repeating & repeating. >.< Listening to NPR I heard a brief comment about Head Start & how the Bush admin always seems to have some snarky little they haven't shown much improvement type studies. Perhaps it's my bias from working closely with Head Start staff for so long (We used to operate some big Head start programs were I work) - so I say any time & money you spend to give kids who are educationally/financially at a disadvantage a happy leg up..isn't that a good thing? ahhh babbling & falling off my soapbox

A hug & thank you to everyone who does their bit to make a little persons day happy & safe

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