June 22nd, 2009


David Choi beats Miley on youtube Yay

I don't really hate Miley Cyrus, but I came across this interesting site
innovasian media

I was looking for info on an incredibly interesting & heart wrenching documentary I saw on CBC this past Saturday Atisookaan: The Art of Storytelling - it included a film about forcing Aboriginal kids into Catholic schools in Canada, as well as a film about Aboriginals who were transgender - but like most awesome things that the CBC does, I can never find crap about it on the internet ^^;;

Anyhoo the Innovasian site popped up in my google search - it may be of interest to many of you if you don't know about it already

ETA The awesomeness that is lirimaer has set up an lj feed for the anbm innovasian site
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