March 24th, 2006


Time to go home yet?

^_^ Thanks to aoki punk for the pic from this German site - Is it just me, or does Hyde seem a bit out of place amongst these other artists?" (check out the sample of Sweet Vanilla on the site - Did the German release have a different remix of it?)
Almost time to go home.... ahhh will I make it?

Sent an autographed Harry Potter poster to Japan, I think my friend will be very happy with it. ^-^ While having a quick lunch of toast & coffee, a fellow came in to fill out a job application. His friends were helping him fill it out (with address info, coaching how to fill it out, etc) It seems the fellow is a Kurdish refugee & has been working like crazy and having some no goodnicks not pay him.. All this information in a short time at the Coney Island, but I would have hired him~! I wish him luck..
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