May 18th, 2004


Pleasant dreams Franc...

Thank you to everyone for their kind words to me yesterday -
The lovely cranky Frankie is now in doggie heaven, forever watchful for UPS men and squirrels.. & a virtual hug to Leigh, who as I thought.. acted as he did out of his own sadness and stress

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New day's dawn...

Phew! *sigh* The heaviness of yesterday's stress has been lightened ... Leigh is in much better spirits ^______________^ I even mentioned about the prospect of new putter buttz.. =^.^= Really, we need dogs in our life.. it's like an essential element of living

GOOD NEWS! My Dad who has macular degeneration - *confetti* *cheers* Things are looking up! They say he doesn't need any more operations & the bleeding has stopped - We hope that his eyesight will even improve

So in honor.. JOE SCOTT SPAM

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