March 26th, 2004


Snap, crackle POP!

>.< TAC really hasn't done anything annoying lately.. except that she cracks her gum ALL DAY LONG and it's driving me crazy.. OK that said (well sure, I could have some backbone and tell her to stop it,.. but oh hush!)

Despite the fact that my Migraine has taken on a life of it's own .. (but what's this? the constant throbbing behind my eye seems to have let up a bit ^-^)

*Happy Squeall~~~~~!* I finally downloaded the Bittorrent and thru some Divine intervention (I had no idea how to use it..) I got the マシューTV file! It's clear, and there is even an Aifuru Dog skiing CM! I want to go Karoake-ing with Ken & Hyde! (Is it just me or did Hyde sound a lot better then he did in Shibuya?)

Will try to keep my head upright til leaving time

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