January 13th, 2004


~ in the dark..

It's going to be a busy week for me at work (yay! busy is good...productive is even better) Of course I don't like stress of wondering if I will do everything on time, but activity is always a positive thing.

What's not good - is when all of a sudden your computer goes >POOF< and disappears. I don't know what caused the power snafooo- but a few of us in the dept. had no power/computer, while others did. I hope it's working by tomorrow or I'm kinda screwed. There were things I wanted to do today that I couldn't ~.~... The worst thing? lol... not being able to hear any music (I missed Hyde signing in my ear ......... oh yeah, as if)

speaking of! Kyaaa - I taped the M Station Super live today (geez it's freaking SUPER LONG!) so apologies if it takes me a while to send it to some of you. The quality of this video was very good and I realized they copied it from a DVD.

& apologies to fans ~ .. but why can't I ever sit down and watch Hyde / Laruku without being haunted by the constant presence of the likes of Ayu & MMusume? haha oh well - I'm glad they make many people happy - sadly, I haven't found that secret..

I did quite like HY ,(I found the female vocalist in the group quite wonderful) & this Chinese group 女子十二楽坊 that was rather 'disco' with traditional instruments, I found that fun..and also impressed with the a capella performance by 森山直太朗 - he sounded better live then the video I saw of him doing "Sakura"

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Hyde I know how you feel

Damn I feel like crap~ Runs for pain meds/heat pad -

  lj keeps eating everything I type.. maybe it knows it's  just stupid mutterings that I post anyway.

Thanks to demonesque  for teaching me how to capture the Hydeist paparazzi photos.  I learned something new today anway!

I agree with claireredding  - as a card carrying member of d'ork ~ en ~ ciel ~ I've totally embraced my innner fan girl.  Considering my own status *laugh* I don't have anything against fangirls.  hkoneko & I have talked about some people who scream the loudest about hating fangirls do the things they claim to despise.      Annoying/rude/sycophant fans however - are a different story.

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