December 2nd, 2003


I should be sleeping

^-^ yay! some fun Messengers today.. spoke with the loverly
claireredding (oh no.. she knows now how truly hopeless and pathetically obsessive I am! lol) & I just spoke with my brother in California.. who was asking me 'why are you up so late?' doh! talking to you silly!

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And what a lovely thing! Leigh was donating some spare coins he had to the Church food ministry - and he had a bunch of them in this plastic jug. He found it hard to get the coins out of the jug 'spout' so he cut it in half. OMG! He was emptying out the coins and there was his wedding ring! O.o ok, mind you, I had no clue he had lost it some 6 months past (Leigh often doesn't wear his ring, because he is always working with machinery, etc.. OH NOW NOW STOP THAT! LOL REALLY)
He was so excited.. how cool is that..
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666 dorkiness

OK OK Only a d'ork en ciel geek like me would get all excited over this..

I was going to have lunch with my coworker pal Sheri (^-^ She's my GakuHai ally)-- but she decided to be kind to herself and take the day off after an exhausting past few days..

So I decided to go to eat myself - I go to La Shish, an nice Lebanese restaurant (in an old Taco bell LOL!)

I ordered lentil soup & salad ~

O.O! My bill was $6.66 *chu* I love you too Hyde.. sending me subliminal love notes on the day of his album release

hahaah Oh yeah right~!

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666 dorkiness.. continued

well haha! yes yes! My $6.66 lunch receipt was a message from Hyde - I went into Hydeist when the Hyde light was on..

Met with Taka today - *tear* our last tutor session* what a bright kid - I hope we all keep in touch.

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>.< Gomen to childempress - who I swear, everytime she is kind enough to IM me.. my computer goes offline or something...

& O.o~ Gackt/You separated by birth?
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