October 23rd, 2003


it's the little things...

ah long dull day at work ~..~ not motivated really, and not too much to do.
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Wow,... I knew my Japanese obsession would creep into Leigh's head.. ^-^ but he seemed rather happy about this.. Oh my! Leigh had a Japanese dream!!!!!!!!!
Leigh said he dreamt he was in his Grandparents neighborhood (a posh place in Michigan..) He said he walked and saw Yamasaki (he actually lived there when Leigh was younger.. and he designed the Twin towers) http://www.phys.uregina.ca/sparro/huber/arch/yamasaki.html
Leigh said he was walking the dogs, and Yamasaki walked by, and he said "ohayou gozaimasu" .. Leigh said Yamasaki was wearing a Japanese "Mask" and when Leigh was walking / running with the dogs, he was like 'floating' above the sidewalk..
^0^ Leigh seemed rather thrilled by this dream, and so was I - I often fear my constant obsession with Laruku , etc, will annoy him..

ahhh but then sometimes obsession leads to happy happy lalalala land.......


squealage alert~!!


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