September 26th, 2003


feeling loopy..

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I was going to pick up the Moonchild dvd set from the post office on the way home from work but there was a bad accident. Police & Fire rescue vehicles were rushing to the intersection a few blocks ahead where I intended to turn left.. ^^;; I said my usual mental prayer whenever I hear police/fire alarms (habit from Catholic school days) and turned around to go back home. I am driving in a 35 mph 2 lane street that narrows down to one lane. There are lots of cars turning back, and God forbid anyone should drive 35 mph .. some cabbagehead was driving about 50 mph and his lane was 'disappearing' into mine.. such a bastard, he practically careened into me. I screamed Asshole!! at the top of my lungs as he past me.. which is not like me, but I want to quit driving these days, can I? Huh? *hates cars, hates driving*

Moronic SUV / Monster truck drivers aside, I'm looking forward to tomorrow~ Muncha ^-^ No work ^-^
sleep in ^___^

This made me laugh ~ I received my Hydeist 'renewal' card & it came with a Hydeist 'badge'. & is it just me? or does this remind you of something?
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