September 8th, 2003


dorkness is now registered with the State

My Hydeist license plate came today.... ahh how funny, there is a validation sticker that you stick on the plate and it reads; MI HYDEIST
SEPT 2004

There was a Michigan
Death metal band named Hyde

I even posted on their BBS once - and mentioned how they appeared on a Laruku ML because people thought their CD "Beautiful Nightmare" was from Laruku no Haido.. I believe the band has broken up, I can't find a website for them anymore - Anyhoo - perhaps there will be some Detroiter Death metal fans who will think me as one of them.. ufufu

The other day Leigh mentioned he was thinking of trying out for the choir at church. hrmm I think he might be moving in the church soon.. really - but haha How can I object? He's.. like at church! Anyhoo - I've stood next to Leigh at church while he sang..and frankly, I thought he had no voice or sense of pitch. I'm usually always supportive, but I said "do you really want to do that honey? To be honest, you don't have a very good singing voice - " He mentioned it to the Choir director who! LOL had Leigh audition and said he had an uncultured voice or something - so perhaps he will be with the choir.. *laugh * I guess that means Leigh might be at the church 4 days instead of 3 now
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