August 11th, 2003


rubs eyes..

ughh! What an awful restless night I had.. Ever have those nights you just can't sleep..can't get comfortable? It didn't help that it was muggy and I was feeling too warm and Leigh was snoring like a freight train >.<

Oh well - good news I managed to stay awake all day at my desk - lol!

I'm glad to read some reports from friends about Otakan.. When I heard TMR was going to be there, I was shocked and a bit depressed - I thought "oh no!.. is this like celebrities who appear on the love boat?" (meaning their career is waning - but I think not~ ) My first introduction to Jrock/pop was a FNS music festival tape from a friend and it included TMR's "burning Christmas" (it was a live concert feed too!) I hope he has gained a lot of new fans..

I saw my parents this weekend - and my Dad had complications with eye surgery (bleeding retinas)- He is living like one of the 'cave people' as he has to avoid sunlight, and his reading obsession has changed to the world of talking books. Yay Dad! He can still paint - I saw a painting he just did and he told me "I did it with my poor eyes" At first glance I thought Oh! It's another painting for Hyde san! (lol bear with me) it was a man in a cage.. with a bird perched on top of it.. so - my Dad said perhaps he will be 'locked' in this world of this diminished site -- yet, he doesn't know yet.

Sends my Dad the biggest virtual hug - ^-^ I love you!
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