August 6th, 2003


Hides under a bushel.. can ya see the light?

Stole this quiz from Razzy Rain...
astrology quiz

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Not too much to say- except.. did nothing at work (not out of laziness..just nothing to do..but doot doot doot helayne has learned her lesson) Had a nice chance to chat with DH & Midori & Kristen today Yay! *snort* for some reason I am feeling annoyed by stupid people.. *hahah considering I am one - that is a dangerous place to be*

& Leigh - still rocks! *chu~* Off again to teach bible class (which would bore me to no end)... and yesterday I saw him putzing around my car before he left for work.. gahh! I had a flat tire and he was out there fixing it.. and it quite short time I might ad.

I wanted a white feather boa damnit!
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