August 4th, 2003


thru rain or sleet or snow... the pooters must come thru

I sing the body electric

what a day! My dear neighbor Mim called to ask if I wanted to join her on a doggie transport.. well I love going on those.. *lol* I just sit on my butt and chat with my neighbor and get to see adorable pooter buttz that we 'transport' across state lines. err it's like an underground RR for dogs? We picked up 2 ADORABLE long hair daschunds in Toledo (from some fellow who drove from Indiana) and then we took them to Windsor, Ontario Canada.
I'm not sure why - but the Canadian adoption rescue people are soo nice! I've worked with animal rescue locally with my neighbor - and well there seems to be more wackos here...

I wish you could have met these pair of sweeties... Bailey & Annie = and YAY they will get adopted together (I imagine they are in their new Canadian home in Hamilton, Ontario now).
It was raining when we were driving.. >.<,... close to the Ohio border, we had to pull off the highway - we couldn't see. ahh but that quickly passed... and the transport when smoothly enough. I have NO FREAKIN idea what was going on at the border..but this was THE LONGEST line I've ever ever seen. over 1/2 hour Just to make it to the bridge from the local access road -an hour on the bridge.. I think it's because American customs people like to be total pricks.. there was no problem at the Canadian side -

on the up side - we decided to eat dinner before wading thru the bridge traffic.. ^__^ yay! Little Italy in Windsor,... it just is so delicious there! and ufufu I had more then half left over - so yay! Leigh got to share my meal too...... *chu~*

Good luck to Katie on the job thing...

So-chan! kewl! fake hair is wonderful isn't it? haha!
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yawns and squeas...

Is it just me? or is this reminiscent of the hats they wore at bubblefest?

LJ just ate my entry *snort* hahaha I'll have to try and make it wittier now >.<

soo sleepy today~! and ahhh at least I was in good company, so were all my coworkers.. perhaps the weather?

Kyaa!!!! Yes I was squealing? haha and Leigh asked me what I had received in the mail - and a totally unseen virtual kiss to Chizuho! Yay! I got my Le Ciel issue with the Zero day / Shibuya/ Bubblefest pics..... ^__^ oh how kool to have been there.. and how great to see them do so well! *sniffle* (sorry dorky fan moment) of course dear Leigh was .. like zero what? shibu.. what? but I think Leigh & I do pretty well together despite our contrasting interests.. haha == he was teaching adult class in Vacation bible school today.. and yesterday at the class.. he created some car part on the spot to get someones car started.. Leigh! you rock! yay

ahh I saw this at the store the other day.. and I was thinking of all the lj people who seem to have become JD fans ..

a big hug to Domo.. ^^;; and this whole situation with your Aunt breaks my heart - and people should listen to you!..because it is obvious you are alarming them to danger..

*says a prayer*
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