July 30th, 2003


Dork - o - meter hits the red zone

what do you mean the Mother superior thinks I stole her rosary?

ah doot doot doot another day at the office of ho hum what to do? what to do? but Hey! helayne has learned her lesson / never complain about no work - just smile and act busy..
err well haha I did try to teach myself some things in Filemaker today. >.< Oh wait, this will probably all backfire then all of of a sudden everyone wants me to do a million things.. err ..


Oh no~! LOL today was my last Day in Hydeist (my ID expired.. but errff I never got an email about it- and my friend who signed me up had my email address changed..but it still appeared as hers whenever I entered chat) .. oh well - big virtual kisses to Liv chan who is trying to renew it for me... such timing, I saw the updated paparazzi page JUST before my ID died~ sugoi!! (Oh man I need to get a webpage hahah the pic of Hyde & Sakura hiding his face is too cute.. and wonders who wrote 私をたべて(くれ?。。。 下さい?) on a bag with a 'suika' inside it.. (a melon in a bag that says eat me)

and ah yes .. time to renew license plates and once again yours truly is tempted with the totally geeky thought of getting a plate that says "hydeist".. how dorky is that? lol OH wait don't tell me..

Good luck to Midori & Co. on the co-op.. hope things pick up!

~^-^~ still so happy to see some new friends on Lj Sophie YAY Hidoko YAY! (Hidoko we need to get Michelle to join!- Ri chan.. lol please join our campaign!)