June 13th, 2003


turning the corner..

G:  Do you smoke after sex?  H:  I dunno, I never looked

(gomen, sorry I'm late!)

^-^ ahh I've felt pretty chipper today, more then I've had done in a while. Perhaps it was the stress of job limbo was making a little more nutzy than my wacko self. Things are starting to finally become more in focus - and less anxious.

Yesterday was strange because it was stressful, but yet encouraging because I was able to do some important tasks at work without screwing things up ! YAY ME! hahaha My coworker Cindy greets me at work today (Her hubby was sick yesterday and had a fever go to 105~! OMG That's so scary, thank goodness he is OK).. and she gives me a big hug. Our time schedules are varied, so she works earlier shift then I do, and a coworker in a nearby dept. filled her in on all the details.

Then I get called in to see the Employee services director. I got the secretarial job I applied for - BUT - because of some blahblahblah stuff with my Union, they have to 'retract' the position and repost it again on July 8th. I am pretty sure I can stay working in my Dept (even though my job 'expires' at the end of the month) until all it is reposted. This is good news, I have more time to try and tie up things and help make the transition easier on my coworkers who will get stuck doing my stuff.

I came to the realization today that as bad as I felt about this situation, feeling bitter and angry about it will do nobody any good, the least of all - me. I'm surrounded by enough people who are bitter and whiney, so I don't need to get sucked into that maelstrom.
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