May 17th, 2003


guess who is coming for dinner?

ahhh ..... *plops in chair* it's been a long yet productive day! ^-^ yay! Helayne was not a lazy sloth!

The day started out w/a jaunt to the post office to mail off a tape to Richan and some B'z stuff to M of

and well since Leigh's good friend & Minister was coming over for dinner O.o....
I went to the fruit market, picked up some wine ..and started to cook at about 11 am

yawn~! hahaha I made bread, soup, pesto & pasta, salad & chocolate desert

And Gawsh almighty - Leigh just cleaned the house like a madman *Chu*! ^-^ ahh we should have company more often, I'm such a slob.. it gives us incentive to clean.. lol

Anyway - we had a nice time.. ahh I hope I made Leigh proud-- ahh I often feel like such a lazybutt compared to him.. (and he never agrees with me if I say so.but still he always works like crazy) I am always nervous.. oh how will people react to an all vegan dinner haha --- but actually, I think they couldn't tell. (well of course we said so) When I asked Leigh about dinner idea, he wanted me to make tofu steak and rice..and I thought ooooooooh nooo LOL that's just too hardcore vegan ^0^

^_________^ My friend Risa called me.. I miss her so much and she invited me to go with her and Fujiharusan to Henry Ford Museum tomorrow.......*confetti*.. I met with them last summer for English conversation.. and Risa would come over and help me with Japanese.. OK OK in truth I would subject her to Laruku & Gackt clips and ask her about the meaning.. She finds Gackt much more interesting then my Japanese textbooks..haha