January 25th, 2003


My new pet~~

*sees people scurrying to take me off their friends list Oi!* ^.~

I just had to mention that Hyper Momomochan updated her site. I suppose the addition of the YAOI gallery is the reason my Internet blocker at work considered the site inappropriate..

We all went out for my Mother in law's birthday yesterday - we went to this Italian place where the staff sings "Castaldi's". The staff was really nice as was the music, but the food was well.. not the best Italian food I've eaten.

Leigh is currently getting in a heated discussion with our Witness friends >.< he's been in a bit of a mood - O.o I am going to be doomed to eternal damnation, aren't I? Leigh is talking the fine points of biblical text, while I spent the morning looking at Momochan's collection of bondage photos. >.>

Leigh is really getting argumentative with the Witnesses .. geez his mood is getting worse. I hope he perks up before Katsucon, or I'll wanna leave him behind.. *sigh* I haven't spoken to Leigh at all today, he's been in that kind of mood. Is there anyplace I can hide?