January 16th, 2003


Calm ..but Passional

You know - I never really could pin it down, explain why I was such a big fan of Laruku & Hyde san's music.. but!!! The quintessential description has been found 'calm but passional'!!!! LOL Such a great Engrish moment

(and strange observation - I recently saw Elton John perform on TV .. I adored him when I was in school, I listened to his stuff all the time. It made me think~ ahah! perhaps that is why I'm such a Laruku fan -- something about their style seems similar, let me know if you agree or think I'm just bonkers)

I would LOVE to see Japlish? Korlish? moments - where English writers have made funny mistakes in Japanese/Korean etc. I am not aware of a source of such things - so please share if you know. My friends and I love to laugh at our language mistakes - so we do it in a good spirit, not a "oh geez you are so stupid!" spirit..

YAY Greg, my brother will be visiting from San Diego tomorrow - It will be my parents 50th anniversary! Ahh Katie, I think I mentioned something about whether or not you could do a 'wedding photo' thing for them (they don't have any wedding pictures) .. >.< well silly Helayne never got around to getting the photos. However, I think this is still something they would like -- let me know if you could still do this.

Big HUGS /hot tea/ meds/ to Mieko-chan. Please do relax if you can - and when you feel the strength I'm sure you'll have Kiwamu & all the Blood boys doing handstands over your site - what you showed me before was awesome.
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