January 4th, 2003



*yawn* I fell asleep after dinner.. and ahh ever have that odd feeling, that " what day is this..where am I?" ^^;; I was happy it wasn't Monday morning already!

^_^ My friend Rei (from Thailand) Sent me a copy of "heavenly Xmas Music Box" CD. How interesting - it is Laruku's Heavenly Cd done like Music box style ..

Oh kewl! It sounds like Midori is having a blast with her friends.. ATSUSHI.!~~!!!!

I had the best time today ^______^ I actually Talked to my pal Michelle (aka DH) on the phone.. how cool is that! I never talk much on the phone but LOL I wonder how big my phone bill will be?? ahha - even Leigh talked to her.. gosh her English is incredible- I just adore her

Which VERSUS character are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

OK I never saw "Versus" but Sophie's quizzes just slay me - it makes me want to see it though...
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