January 1st, 2003



I wonder how long it will take me to get used to typing/writing 2003 - I remember the big Millenium 'world is gonna end' hype in 2000 and it hardly seems that long ago.

New Year's Eve was pretty snoozy - OK OK I was pretty much a lazybutt and chatted with friends online most of the day Doh! After dinner - we watched a bit of the movie "Some like it Hot" with my parents & my Aunt. My Aunt left for California early this morning - so we didn't stay very late last night.

Leigh went right to bed - and I nudged him near 12:00 and asked if he wanted to ring in the New Year *Snort!* ahh That's my Leigh, the Party animal! ^.~ Me & the Dogs had a nice time though. ^_^

Waaaaah!! I don't want to go to work tomorrow - but on the bright side, it will be a short week. I guess I should call the car Dealer... some poopypants Hit my car the day after Christmas >.< Thankfully - I was not in the car at the time - and they just smashed in the grill part.

I think I've been letting my friend's LJ enter my subconscious - I've had 2 dreams in a row that I was taking final exams O.o How strange

Ahh I did make Hotel reservations for Katsucon - now I need to hunt for cheap airfare.

OH! I Got an E-Nengajou from my friend Atusko-san in Japan. . Ahh! She tells me to wait for surprising news shortly.. It must be good news!
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