December 21st, 2002


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Yay!! Winter break is just a Monday away.. and Erff >.< gosh I must be so baka I never ever think to put in for extra vacation time...ahh but then again.. a Monday where I am the ONLY person in my department.. aahhh.. well that can be a good thing too.. Actually, I am quite the lucky one.. I work with wonderful workers (and *laugh* they do not even know what a live journal is. so not like I am sucking up ..ufufuf) I wonder how they put up with me.. really I do wonder this.. but it is probably best for me not to ask.

ahh I rented some Music Station programs.l with Tetsu69.. ahh how interesting
both program with Tetsu included American artists.. ( I never knew Music station had non Japanese folks before)
Faith Hill & Jennifer Love Hewitt..

Leigh & I were invited to a 'dress up' Holiday party. .. oh color me lazy.. I just didn't seem to want to go... >.< actually I really quite like the hosts.. but why is it the term "dressy" makes me nervous?? lol.. go figure
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