December 6th, 2002


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crimini! such talent!!

TGIF! Yatta!! Yesterday spent a fun day at the Volvo dealer (zzzzzzzz) - but 'old red' (what my salesman calls my 93 240 Maroon wagon) has been rather reliable, too bad the closest dealership is 1 hour away.. Got my snow tires put on too - ^^;; oh day late, dollar short, as we had our first 'major' snow this week - but it wasn't too bad. I love winter, and cold weather, but hate driving in snow. I wish we had subways - but living in Detroit - I think that will never happen. Especially considering Firestone & GM bought out the streetcar industry that were around in the 40's and intentionally made the whole system so decrepit as to make car ownership a more desirable mode of transport.. >.<

^_^ A friend from Thailand sent me The other side of heavenly concert on cd.. Oh how fun!! *kisses to Thailand friends*

ahh I've been feeling rather mopey & depressed.. it's either PMS (which I tend to blame on everything in general- -) or the Holidays.. >.< Where was I.. geez I swear the holiday season just came & bit me on the butt and caught me by total surprise.

Anyone out there fluent in German? I can't get the people at Buslink to answer my emails about why the heck my external cd burner won't work on my computer - =p but my friend put it on his computer & it works.. The burning software can't "Find" the existance of the external drive.. but other parts of the software will work.. I'm just confused - and annoyed the company won't answer me. However, my friend is letting me transfer some files to his machine so he can burn the cds for me..

This cartoon of Gackt's

December love song english version> is hilarious .. I like the feel of the song.. but >.< it's hard to understand the lyrics..
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