October 6th, 2002


ridiculous to the sublime

well before I start on all my idle jrock chatter - a friend sent me this blurb about an Amnesty International/Oprah campaign on the net..
Help Save Amina Lawal!
This young mother has been sentenced to die. Her time is running out. Your signature could save her life. Act now.
Often - I turn a blind eye to such things on the net, as they often are bogus.. but I must say I tend to have more faith in Amnesty International... and well this poor woman had the evil sin of having a child while "divorced".. anyway.. Help save Amina Lawal! if it can help to sign an virtual petition - such an easy thing to do.. I say!!!

^_^ I so enjoyed the cd my Virtual friend from Thailand sent me.. While I have Chronicle 2.. I did not have the DVD version with the exra clips.. Big hugs to Rei chan! The commercials were hilarious!!! come to think of it... I NEVER remember seeing many American ads for new Cd's.. albeit funny ads.. haha! Laruku ads always seem so funny & clever..especially the old folks home ad.. in the year 2050 they are reminiscing about Lark cd's released 50 years prior.. :dies: Hyde (Hachiro-san) is a very old man snoring way..wearing the barbed wire choker as fellow old timers are chatting.. なつかしい anyhoo I found it quite amusing .. and speaking of amusing.. as I was playing the extra version of Anemone (oh my.. so much better then that Vincent Gallo "film" version of Anemon.. erff that just sux..) My Tasha..Siberian husky started howling away.. perhaps she was just whining at SallyAnn (I have 3 doggies) but she sounded like she was singing along with Hyde) hahah I said to Leigh.. OH She is a member of BARK EN CIEL!!!!!!

Leigh didnt seem to find this very funny..but nothing new here ..hahah

O.o our 20th wedding anniversary is soon approaching.. hard to believe that.. Why he hasn't kicked me out of the house yet.. goodness knows ^.~
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