August 21st, 2002


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No real reason for posting the above pic except a coworker taught me how to insert images..

A virtual friend from Dominican Republic turns 15 today haha geez.. why am I so much older then everyone else I meet online?? ^^;;; I found a "Hyde" barbed wire choker at Spencer's and it was only $6 !~ So I sent it to my friend Raul for his birthday.. But pooh! I had to spoil the surprise as he tells me he was online at jpophouse ordering stuff because he got some money from his Grandmother.. So I had to scream DONT ORDER THAT NECKLACE..
Oh well, so much for surprises.

My Friend Kuniko is back from Japan ^o^ I miss her! She moved 2 1/2 hours away... she said her people aren't as friendly in her new town..

Oh well.. so much for my rambling.. I think I need to make up some wild & creative stories so my LJ is interesting ekekekek
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