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Germ warfare -

Praying for Peace for all us

It's been a lovely Holiday weekend weather wise, Sunny & pleasant. I've had all the energy of a doorknob, and spent all of Saturday asleep it seems. Is it the antibiotics, I'm not sure.. I finished the course of treatment & I still have a sore throat -

*-* I had a chance to chat briefly on Friday with folks I've been thinking of & haven't chatted w/for a while - hkoneko ruiroentgen & 奈緒美 It's hard to believe that Raul was 14 or 15 when we first started to chat online, and now he's posing with the Pres & First Lady of the Dominican Republic.. Way to go Raul!

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Canon_WonderBJ CM (No, I'm not kidding - it's really the WonderBJ Copier )

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