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Yesterday I rented "Supersize Me" -
It's really quite astonishing, how a healthy young NYC fellow can do incredible damage to his body just by going on a Strict Mcdonald's diet for 30 days. His Doctors just couldn't believe it, and his medical stats were crazy. If you eat at McDonald's with any regularity, you should watch it!

Leigh & I also watched Lemony Snicketts & Finding NeverLand, It just dawned on me why the one fellow in Lemony Snicketts was so familiar, I recognize him from The Last Samurai.

The cover art for Jyojyoushi

Wonder what it's like to eat in a private dining club in Japan? This "Splendid Table/NPR" clip with T.R. Reid gives us an interesting peek .. (waves my T.R. Reid fan banner)
Private Dining Clubs in Japan

Youyou's bbs has a new banner - I really think the artist did a great job...

Cramps ughhh booo hiss
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