nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

dreams & dwarfs

Latest message from Hyde kindly & graciously done by pierraxryuka

coming around the Saturday the 14th is cute. I was really psyched to go but i ran out of time. So i came. nnnn~~ it's like Monoral Recording. Speaking of that, about 1 week before, he sounded pretty burnt out on the phone... annis chan.. but it seems as he likes recording. i don't like it but. I wish while i was asleep, the dwarfs has it done for me~. That's how i feel. The international Hardrock bands invite Girls and make it like a Harlem (Heaven) and records. I would never get a situation like that for the next couple of 10 recording. But while recording, i collect Toys that come with the snacks, i feel so stupid. so small... too small!!!!! maybe i should study some english...

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