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everyone is a bit on edge..

hyde updating hydeist site

Well, hard to believe it, I've been at the same place of employment since 1978 ~... and yesterday we had a meeting saying that there will be layoff notices coming out by Mar 12.
I work at and since all of our money is from State/Federal sources~..when there are big budget cutbacks, we get hit. Of course, it didn't help that our last Superintendent spent money like nutz.. *mutters* (down side to working in Accts Payable - you see where all the money goes).

I have no idea if I will be layed off or not -- it depends on how many people opt for early out.. and how crucial they see my job.

I'm not really worried..but yet, I am- oh LOL like that makes sense.

It's been a really great place to work. My job is not particularly exciting, but the pay & benefits are good enough that many of us have been there forever. We will can't get this kind of job anywhere else.

I hope this transition is relatively painless~~ we're all a bit upset and besides ourself.
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