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Drizzle, drazzle, druzzle, drome, time for this one to come home.

The truth has been revealed to me -
"Dear Lord~
Please don't let SMAP release a single the same day as Jyojyoushi ~ kthnxbye"

I feel rather badly -
I realize today when called to explain about the Visa charge I was disputing. (which actually is a legit charge for a magazine sub - but I didn't recognize the name on the bill & the
bank didn't understand the fujisan employees enough. ^^;; *hydes head*

I've fallen into vortex of spam
Apologies to mitsuchan who I've pushed into the area deadly for those with a proclivity for procrastination -.-

While I still consider putting out a guide for fans over 35, Hyde, Hormone replacement & You *laugh* I swear that my fears about fans getting younger & younger (Western fans) has now crept into my subconscious dreamworld.
Honest to goodness I had a dream that I went to Target & picked up in the bargain rack, a Fisherprice toy - It was one of those kiddie TV sets that when you press a button, a portion of Hyde's PV would play.. >.>

Sending a special heavenly kiss to Daemon & a hug jinjja 's way -
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