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I was home this morning with a last minute appt with a heating pad & pain meds..and got to see the cast of
Spamalot on The View. Hyde+Spam... What a perfect match OK OK so it's David HYDE Pierce but - hey! I think that show would be an absolute stitch. Anyone seen it?

So I come into work late from feeling ill this morning. I come in and say hi to the friendly coworker- the crabbycoworker is at lunch. Shortly after -- other coworker returns:

Friendly coworker: "Helayne has come in"
Crabby coworker : "Oh Goody" (Said in a very deliberately sarcastic tone, & LOUD enough to make certain I heard her)

>.O wtf? It's stupid of me to let her annoy me-- yet I can tell she keeps trying to push me into some situation where she can get more confrontational. I just want to ignore her -

Sending prayers out to demonesque 's Grandma & family.
Thanks to shochu66 & their thoughtfulness~~

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