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are there vatican trading cards?

Will be interesting to see what the new Pope is like.. hard to imagine another personality as warm and charasmatic as JohnPaul was.

Last weekend went on a dog transport / exchange to London, Ont.
We brought the incredibly horny & intacthyper Marmaduke - Great Dane & brought back this fellow

- who will now happily reside next door. We had been driving around all day on the transport & Mim wanted to stop for a quick lunch in Chatam. After lunch at Tim Horton (considering how we often heard friend's chatter about the Chatam landmark 'Wheels Inn' we figured there would be some decent place to eat. hrmmm brings back memories of my dining choices at Akon (^.~ meaning, I didn't have any really).. word to the wise from my Neighbor, avoid the Tim Horton chicken sandwich - it's awful -

Somewhat related - but my veggiehippie sense of humor chuckled at this:

That's the odd thing - it's like that in Detroit too.. you can get the best ethnic meal someplace (like Lebonese in Dearborn, or Chinese in Windsor) ..but go to some mainstream place & it's just crap.

Just kidding about the rosary -

*-* yoinked from Pieces/bbs fayevalentine.. *sankyuuu*

Wishing Andrea's lovely daughter poohbear Krissy a wonderful year head ^_^
Special hugs to Ri-chan ... Holler out for me if I can help
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