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</center> Thanks to cats for the Tetsu M Fighter pics

Thanks to the loverly doihachan who has sent me a copy of white feathers pv *natsukashii*..
The first version I had of the file (which I lost) included some scenes before with Enya music, but the file was awful quality. I like Enya, I bought some of her CDs before I was ever a Laruku fan.. My idea of Enya Music gone bad .. I couldn't stand to watch more then a few minutes - You would think it would appeal to me in my recent state of fuzzy-headed-ness but I could turn the station fast enough. If anyone has watched the PBS Celtic woman special & thinks I need to give it a 2nd chance, please let me know.. click on a girlyhaidopic to go a whitefeathers filedownload link.. Doesn't work? Let me know your email addy & I'll send it to you

I don't have to look very hard to find examples of what fans do when they are sincere - I'm highly suspicious of some other people's motives.. & no, I'm not thinking of this OR that and yes you must be a huge and loyal fan & you are seriously asking where the official bbs is located? slap me already
but actually a much more snarky incident which I heard about here - I don't care how annoying/stupid/obnoxious you may feel people to be, but to start trying to convince people that their favorite celeb has been in an accident- I don't understand how that is in any way funny..

snippet of chatconvo posted in diru_roast (which most humor I don't get, but it's usually not mean) Names changed to protect the guiltyinnocent

[I_don’t_suck_you_suck] kyo was hit by a car last night
fan1 ¬¬
fan2 but id never want to be rapped
fan1 NO...
fan1 I DO XD BY KYO..
[I_don’t_suck_you_suck] he's in the hospital right now
* {fan4) blinks
[I_don’t_suck_you_suck] in critical condition
fan2 its sad
fan1 O_O
fan1 WHO SAYS?
fan3 I heard about that, too.
fan2 i saw it on the japanese tv station news
fan3 Messed up.
[fan5] And that car was mine
[I_don’t_suck_you_suck] Its all over the news
fan1 LIER!! ><
[I_don’t_suck_you_suck] Seriously
[I_don’t_suck_you_suck] Let me get the link

Besides trying to avoid any real life emotions by busying myself with totally trivial lj drama, I do have my heart & prayers going big time for Michelle
Praying that Sedefend & Family are enjoying every minute

~ Happy Birthday to everyone's favorite Nazi XD Hidoko wehhh
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