nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

My lovely neighbor often mentions German Shep. doggies that are on the foster/rescue list - & Leigh has always been hasty to say no way.. hrmmm - today he called to ask about the info on a 1 yr old male... * fingers crossed * I know that Leigh must miss having the crankey Frankey around

:LJ Edit: - The photo above is Frankey - *throws him a bone in doggie heaven* - I don't have any pictures of the dog that is up for adoption.

It seemed to take me forever, but I finally managed to send off a package of long promised stuffs to drops_of_colour and mitsuchan Included in the pkg to Mitsu was the Anemone/Hyde angle - try your luck, perhaps you can get one of these links to send one to your hard drive.

Congrats to panserbj0rne on getting accepted to MIT~ Woohoo~
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