nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Shut the Bloody Bazouki Off~

Oh hah who am I kidding, as if my entires aren't usually bereft of the erudite observation or comment... Lately, however, I find it hard to even make it through a sentence without losing focus.

Hard to believe Spring is just around the corner - we just got a few inches of new snow yesterday.

*Wallpaper design by the lovely W_Z Hyde

I was driving with my Dad the other day -.. & We had what, I think will call a STBBO moment "Shut the Bloody Bazouki Off!" moment Monty Python fame during a seemingly endless Celtic reel from Thistle & Shamrock Ever have that type of musical moment? I hate when they happen at my desk when unfamiliar stuff I have downloaded pops up on my playlist when someone approaches my desk.. (As I run and yank something incredibly annoying from M T G Elephant from my library..)

Going to meet with the family for dinner after work.. YAY! but it's at a restaurant they love, even though the food really sux..Booh! Oh wait, I'm vegan and can't really eat any stuff they serve anyhoo..YAY It will be nice to see everyone, of course Leigh didn't tell me about it til yesterday - so I'm totally screwed for anyone's birthday/ blahblah........ackk

Lately my mood icon needs to be gottapee... but that doesn't seem to be a choice

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