nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,


I came into work today, and my coworker said "How are you feeling, are you doing OK?"..
O_o? I wondered omg - do I look even more scary then my usual early morning self? =p she was teasing me.. wondering how I was doing with my computer 'withdrawal'..

I met some new students in ESL yesterday ~ lol I never will remember everyone's name. There is a new fellow from Croatia "goran".. I swear this guy is like 6'5" or something..

Thanks Ri for posting up some S.O.A.P. mp 3's.. Ken's voice does remind me of someone else - but I can't place it.. It's a world of difference between Grace & Roentgen, don't ya think?

Getting anxious about Katsucon - I'm looking forward to seeing everyone - but dreading the airport hassle. *sigh* Hope Duel Jewel fellows have an easy time of it..
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