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NPR had an interesting disucssion on yesterday's "Talk of the Nation" program: Popularity of Japanese Manga & Anime I didn't have a chance to hear it really closely, but it seemed interesting enough

I heard a story yesterday about a fellow who would vent about work in his personal blog & he ended up getting fired for it. >.o ! Scary.. I don't think my random vents about certain coworkers will get me fired though.. Speaking of which, yesterday some consultants at work approached me with a brochure for a workshop seminar called "The Outstanding Receptionist" - & they were asking me how would I feel if I was approached & asked to attend, and how would I feel if I was the only one asked to go. Long story short, the Supervisor wants a coworker to attend - My feeling is that it will take more then a day seminar for this gal to get a new attitude, but hey..that's just me.

I hadn't chatted with online pal Dunley for a long time & It was nice to chat w/her again. While talking to her about the recent Hydeist BBS drama she asked me if I thought a lot of the older fans were disappearing. I think after the USA debut, the fandom got much larger, younger & incredibly annoying- - or is it just me? ##$*&(* Stop posting my Leciel scans idiots kthnkxsbye fangirliness seems to multiply faster then hydeist viruses I've tried to be more cautious about where I post official pics, but apparently not cautious soon enough because I keep seeing them on Tofu bbs.. arghh And the worse thing is that the image doesn't show up once, but multiple times because apparently the squealing teenie monsters have not yet figured out how to edit quotes ..

Hugs to sedefend who I missed yesterday ~ more hugs & good thoughts to hkoneko & her Grandma
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