nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Appearance is only skin deep...

Thanks to =^-^= cats board for the pics!

There is something uplifting when your husband asks you for the Gackt Mars CD so he can have the guys at work give it a listen. I actually had the CD in my car, and couldn't find it *doh!* so Leigh ended up taking a DVD instead.

Well you can guess what the responses were

1. Is that a guy?
2. Hey, is that a girl or a guy?
3. What's up with all the makeup?
4. Is he gay or what?

I never did find out if the guys liked the music or not, they couldn't get beyond the whole appearance issue. Perhaps the CD would have been better - but it made me feel good that Leigh gave it the old college try - I did hand Leigh some UV mags with Malice Mizer photos in them - HA! I hope he takes that to work..
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