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はいど時 24/7 [Feb. 8th, 2003|02:26 pm]

The good news~ I got my Volvo back from the dealer..looking much less decrepit now that the grill has been fixed - and the engine is fixed..

The bad news - I had to come to work to use the computer to check my email - because at home my Hard drive died a painful death last night. Oh how nice it gave me a warning to save my stuff after it died. =p Luckily, it's something Dell will come out and replace as it's still under warranty, but I don't have any idea how long it will take.

Maybe being internet-less for a while will give my lazy butt incentive to straighten up around the house.. NAAAAAAAAAH! haha

[User Picture]From: pimpinhyde
2003-02-09 05:46 pm (UTC)

*jingles change in pocket* ooo! look! an entire 16 cents! ... e_e

^^ I'm glad you got your car back. I bet it's a relief.

:( Too bad about your computer... definitely miss you...

come back sooooon!! >o<

well, tomorrow is monday anyways, and i suppose you'll be at work.
Marf, i'm basically broke. oooh, i hope i don't see anything at Katsucon that i want and can't have. It will upset me so much.

I would just like to tell you that i love seeing your posts. ^^ They always brighten my day. <3
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