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The whole world veiled in white

Woke up to a pretty site- everything covered in new pretty white snow. I don't think the trip home from work will be nearly so pretty though ^^;; - I just hope the freezing rain is just a mere rumor.

I think I'm getting over being dead just being tired.. YAY!

Stayed up late last night because Leigh was supposed to come home at 9:30 pm from first day of new semester + church meeting. I was eager to fire up the VCR & record the super live I rented then *DOH!* I realized I had FNS Super Live & what I wanted was the M Station Super Live. Too many Super I can't keep it straight. I lost interest after Gackt's Dec love song (nice job Gackt san!).. everyone else seems like they might be pretty mediocre..
Such a long day for Leigh, he didn't make it home til almost 11:30. Some unhappy turn of events at Church {lets just say some church leaders seem to be showing their true colors, and they are not pretty. Leigh & some hardworking souls put their heart & long hours into supporting the church & community there...and to think that some people in a position to know better might be into a control thing-- well that's .. I hope it passes, but it doesn't look good) Anyhoo - he came home and told me all about the meeting - ^^;; Then I gave Leigh some dinner as we watched a bit of Spirited Away, Such a neat little movie. I've been out of the movie loop, but in the past few days I managed to finally watch
Last Samurai (which I bought months ago)
Day after Tomorrow
Spirited Away .. well still watching that

mwahahah OK OK so I didn't find Hyde porn on E-bay.. but ahhaha thanks to mitsuchan who pointed it out to me. XD

Sending oodles of Love & Hugs to Sedefend & Family..
Big Congrats to mcvarmazi for her Straight A semester. Woot!
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